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Conte Fausto Terlizzi; artist, painter, sculptor, was born in Rome, Italy, in 1941. Surrounded by Rome's unique mixture of classic Hellenic, Roman, Byzantium and Renaissance art his passion for painting is first ignited in the internal city, by the age of 12.

By the age of 18, Conte Fausto is rediscovering and interpreting the world around him. He was influenced by a new generation of local and modernist artists that were flooding into post-war Italy from all over Europe and from across the Atlantic.


Italy's pre-economic boom is fertile ground for many artists of his generation, who were rediscovering and redefining post-war modernist art. Conte Fausto is now a regular feature amongst them.

21st Century Artist

Conte Fausto Terlizzi

By 1963 Conte Fausto at the age of 22, has achieved recognition for his work by being awarded competitive art prizes in Rome. This is the same year that he meets Pablo Picasso in Rome. In 1973, Conte Fausto is also destined to meet the other great influential artist of the 20th Century, Salvador Dali. By 1978 he has achieved recognition at major exhibitions at the Crepuscolo Degli Dei Gallery.

In 1986 Conte Fausto came to Australia and made his mark with his one man exhibition “Symbolic Executions” at the Caulfield Art Complex in Melbourne and then in Sydney's 1999 Art Competition. His work is again awarded first prize.

Today, Conte Fausto's colourful 3d sculptured acrylic and oil paintings are engaging a new generation. His work will touch you in a very personal way, awakening the observer's innermost feelings.

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